Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hotels in Lahore Pakistan - A Guide For Your Senses

Taste new flavors, try some interesting combination's and feel pampered by very attentive and well trained personnel. That is something you have probably heard zillion times when reading reviews and descriptions of hotels. What about one that does all that while challenging you to abandon what you knew so far and dive into a world of new tastes and smells?
Lahore in Pakistan is a wonderful kaleidoscope of flavors and tastes that cover a wide spectrum of national cuisines; it cannot be different anyway, as Lahore is the city of diversion, thus, its dining options cannot escape the general atmosphere. You can enjoy original Pakistani and Indian Food, Chinese food in the city, Italian and Mediterranean dishes at the famous resorts of the area, rare specialties from Eritrea or Tibet. There is nothing that your heart, ok and tummy, can fancy or hunger for and not find it in the Lahore, Pakistan.
If you have seen enough of the world as it is and you want to feel how it is to try a new experience, this is the hotel for you. You will find hotels in Lahore with a full bright and lightened cozy lounge, where you will be given the chance to order some of the dishes suggested by the Chef and then you will begin your adventure in the Pakistani culinary world. Lahore glamorous hotels are manned by people who are specially trained to function in a dining environment, being able to serve perfectly as well as encourage you to feel, smell, taste, and touch, sharpen your sensitivity and your reflexes. In any case, the Pakistani cuisine is all about flavors and smells, therefore, you need to descent into the world of senses, the way you have never experienced it before.
Pakistani food is about herbs and spices which are the main themes in all recipes, even in the ones you would never expect so. Iron-skillet-roasted mussels, salt-roasted tiger prawns with garlic parsley glaze, even traditional Italian pizzas enhanced with some serious spice intensity are some of the main recommendations we would give you. Keep in mind that some of the best hotels in Lahore are located on the M.M.Alam Road in Gulberg.
If you are more into an oriental mood, with some lush tropic garden in mind, the tourist resort areas and their hotels are your place to be. Middle Eastern Hotel amidst palm trees, located ideally at the far end of parks and Anarkali, and Badshahi with silk and colourful linens and textiles ornamenting the room and original Asian artwork that make your visit to this hotel a culinary and visual experience at the same time. The alluring environment the best side dish of one of the most famous and tasteful cuisines in Asia. Hotels in Lahore offer you the chance to get to know the Pakistani flavours and tastes at their best. What else do you need? A good company to share this intimate experience.
Lahore, Pakistan is unrivalled when it comes to food. Just set the tone and enjoy the entrancement of the offered cuisines. Bon Appetit!!

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