Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pleasant Weather in the Pleasurable City of Pakistan

Karachi is the most sprawling city of Pakistan and also counted as the second most populous metropolis of the world. Flights to Karachi are operating on regular basis from U.K. and other parts of the world and reaching at quaid-e-azam international airport which is operating all domestic and international cheap flights to Karachi. You can get cheap airline tickets to Karachi if you book your flights some time before your traveling.
Karachi is the biggest harbor city of Pakistan and gaining lots of revenues from trading at its ports. The weather conditions of Karachi are not on any extreme as the city is residing along the Arabian Sea. The weather in summer becomes fine with the cool breeze and in winters it's neither very cold not very hot.
Some of the cities of Pakistan are showing the temperatures on their extremes as in extreme south, its too hot and northern areas are extremely cold. But Karachi neither has the severe warmth of the center of the country nor the violent chilly weather of the northern areas of Pakistan. The months of June and July are quite hottest in the entire country but in Karachi these months present the temperature at 85 F which is 10 degrees cooler than the centre of the country. Whereas coolest months in Pakistan are December and January and in Karachi temperature during these months is 67 F which is 12 degrees more in temperature than the other normal region of the country. January is the best time to get flights to Karachi as this is the time of the year when the city is presenting perfect weather conditions neither too hot nor too cold.
Normally monsoon season in Pakistan is in July and august which bring different levels of rainfall in different regions of the country. Karachi mostly doesn't get much rainfall and thus maintaining the humidity in the city. But in July and August humidity is normally little higher than the rest of the months. But this season the heavy rains have made the environment of the city quite pleasant and resulted in the lower temperatures in the summer months. But some areas of Karachi, due to heavy rains are filled with water. The government has promised to make the infrastructure and the drainage system better so hopefully these heavy rains would not harm much to the city. Enjoy the pleasant weather of Karachi just by taking flights to Karachi.


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