Thursday, April 14, 2011

German Tablet PC

With the promise of an even more sophisticated technology such as bigger screen, the new WePad tablet PC has set out to rival Apple's iPad.
It has become a new alternative to the iPad, the bigger rival. The system mainly stresses on openness - its two USB ports permit users to connect with the WePad to all kinds of devices, from data sticks to external keyboards.

WePad Vs Apple
People wishing to listen to music in WePad need not have any specific software - a clear blow to Apple's devices which need specific software such as iTunes.
The basic version of WePad, which comes with 16-gigabyte storage and Wi-Fi, is all set to come at a cost of USD 600, while the larger version with faster 3G modem is expected to come anywhere near USD 500.
Features of WePad
Given its greater openness and technological superiority, it is a good bargain compared to the iPad. The iPad, which, less than a month ago, hit the stores in the U.S. has been on sale before beginning at $ 500 for the smallest version, with 16 GB storage and Wi-Fi.
With its 11.6 inch screen, the WePad is powered by Intel chip, relying on Linux software basis, compatible with Flash applications and Google's Android.
Will touch screen appeal tech savvy ones?
Neofonie portrays the WePad as something that is helping the mass media to find a way of marketing paid content and with hopes of appealing to publishers, some of whom are disgruntled with apple's restrictions and pricing policy. Nevertheless, both companies need to prove that the touch screen device would not just amaze early tech - savvy users, but would also request to mainstream consumers when there already is a lot of internet connected gadgets such as laptops, smart phones, set top boxes, e-book readers and broadband connections.

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