Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Become Successful and Rich

The first thing you must consider if you want to become successful and rich is this: Why do you want this?

Is it just to have the knowledge that you're rich and successful or is there another reason? You may think the reason is obvious to everyone and that asking yourself a question like this would therefore be a waste of time.
Well, you would be very wrong about that, and here's why.
People have different reasons why they want to become successful and rich. The one person may want it for the security that being rich offers, while for someone else it may be the freedom it offers.
By identifying why exactly you want it, you will be able to tap into the emotional reasons why you want it. Believe it or not, the emotional reasons are what will determine if you do become successful and rich in the end.
The second thing you need to do and this is something that almost every self-made millionaire has, is a belief in yourself. Believe that you're good enough and that you deserve to have whatever it is you want.
Thirdly you must have a long-term vision for your business or for whatever vehicle you want to use to become successful and rich. Don't think in terms of get-rich-quick, but think in the longer term.
What does this mean? This means, you must help others by providing value along the way. Sometimes this means sacrificing short-term profits for long-term growth.
Always remember that your success depends on people. You cannot achieve success totally on your own. People are what will give you the success and wealth you seek, but you've got to put them first. Putting money before people is the quickest way that your business will be ruined. Reputations built on trust and good service is what helps you to become successful and rich in the end.
The fourth thing you need is patience. It takes time for the work that you put in to begin to produce the results you seek, so be prepared to wait. After all, life is about the journey, rather than the destination. So take your time and enjoy your life as you build your business.
The fifth quality you should have if you want to become successful and rich is discipline. If you say you'll do ABC and D, you better do it. Hold yourself accountable or find a coach or someone else to keep you to your word.

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