Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Business Problem Solving: How To Grow Your Business and What It Really Takes...

If you want your business to be more than a lifestyle business these few paragraphs will be of interest. Growing a business is a serious thing. It never happens by chance, and always requires focused action with a defined purpose. All businesses that continue to grow over an extended period of time consciously do each of the following things.

None of the following is a quick fix, but if done on a continuous basis is the foundation of a business with solid, continuous growth.
You Don't Know it All: 
Our biggest failing generally is that we, as business owners, think we have all the answers. While we need to take credit for going out on our own and creating new enterprises, at some point in the future "we" are the reason our businesses don't continue to grow. The great thing is that when we accept this single fact, the real growth of our business can begin.

Invest In Yourself: 
Everything each of us has done in our business has got us to where we are. We make decisions based on what we know today. If that bank of knowledge is old, outdated or even non-existent, we need to fill our mind with new things, new ideas, new ways, methods, experiences etc. You must search for these new things, and when they arrive you must be open to them. A great and largely inexpensive way of investing in yourself is to go meet owners of highly successful businesses. If approached in the correct way these individuals will gladly give of their time to share their experiences.

Develop Leaders In Your Business: 
Owners that have great businesses have all hired people smarter than themselves, because they know smart people make smart decisions especially when the "boss" (you) is not there. Look within your existing team, and identify the natural leaders. These are people who look for more responsibility and accountability. They don't blame others for their mistakes. They look to learn from all their experiences. They set higher standards for everyone around them. But to identify leaders you too must become a leader.

To create a business that grows you must accept you don't have all the answers, and go out and look for them. To attract and promote leaders in your business you must become a leader yourself. None of these things are easy but if you allow yourself to pursue them they are worthwhile.

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