Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to Be on Top of Things in Your Business!

Creating your niche is a wise decision in business. I read a book called Finding Your Niche, written by Laurence J. Pino. It taught me how to be on top of things
. It also taught me how to know and establish my market niche, refine my niche so carefully that I can target my customers and dominate my customers and dominate my market, sidestep the competition and streamline my business.

According to Walter H. Lowy - Your market has a free choice, and only by supplying what the market wants, and not by your efforts to improve your merchandise, will you get your maximum share of the market`s potential. The market pays excellent returns and rewards for excellent performance, excellent products, and excellent services. A commitment to product and service excellence is the safest and most predictable strategy for achieving business success.
The market will always reward you when you serve it with the goods and services it wants at prices, it is willing to pay. Understand who your customers are and why they buy from you, and then develop a product consistent with that information. Develop your marketing message: who you are, what makes you different, and how the customers can participate by buying from you. Maximize every opportunity to convey your marketing message.
Let the market know what distinguishes you from other entrepreneurs and how they can buy from you. Let people know that you have find your place in the market, be determined to make a different and eliminate competition. Be special at what you do, brand your business just a little bit differently from the way other businesses brand themselves, distinguish yourself with services you provide by being more friendly, always look cute and be corporately elegant.
Sell quality and price accordingly. Increase customer support and personal service. Make it easy for customers to do business with you. Enhance your delivery system, establish yourself as an expert in your area of business and be unique in your dealings. Different is everything. Create a difference and you have a business.
Communicate with the marketplace. Advertise your products using direct response advertising; it is effective in the sense that it is a complete marketing message, it invites a specific action by the customer, and it produces results that can be analyzed and measured. You can adopt more effective of public relations to market your products, it is much less expensive.
See money spent on direct response advertising and public relation as an investment in revenue production. Provoke a response with reciprocal communication. Have a system in place to handle your customers' minor inconveniences before they become major problems which you can not handle.
It is in your best interest to adopt a position or activity that particularly suit your talents and personality. Cause your specialized market to be understood differently; take reasonable to avoid risk as you target your customers and have control, power or authority over the market. Have better results and keep away from contest at the market place. Make your business more efficient, especially by simplifying or modernizing it.

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