Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Impress People and be The Ultimate Master..

People normally tend to be attracted towards people who are influential and have something different about their personality which no one else possesses. People often are attracted towards people who are positive in their outlook and are a healthy source of motivation and try to stay away from the negative one's who carry depressing emotions.
Therefore when you feel good about yourself and the world as a whole you tend to emit a very positive vibe which attracts other people towards you which indeed makes you an interesting and influential personality.
Magic words- There are certain types of words which make you an influential person and you tend to attract a lot of people around you. These words mainly comprise of motivational phrases or words which inspire people. When you have the power to inspire someone you would naturally impress and attract them. Therefore the best and the most widely used magic word is "I CAN". Most people say I can't or maybe it's impossible. The fact about life is that there is nothing impossible and everything can be done. Learn to replace "I CAN'T" with "I CAN" and you would see a tremendous change in your personality and you would be the ultimate master even before you realize it.
Emotionally correct- There are two sorts of emotions the positive ones and the negative ones. People are normally impressed by a person who knows how to turn a negative circumstance into a positive one and how to make an opportunity out of adversity and emerge as the ultimate winner. This can only be achieved when you change your outlook from a negative to a positive one and let nothing get in your way. People are only impressed by whom who can turn impossible into possible and a thought into action.
Don't react- Bad things are always around us and almost every person has gone through a bad situation in his or her life. But it's not about what happened rather it's always about what your reaction is towards what happened and how well you cope with it. In order to impress people your reaction to every situation has to be a positive one. Even if you fail you need to keep trying till the time you succeed. This grit determination and the will to succeed is something which inspires people and impresses them.
But these tips do not always guarantee your success in every field of life. So what sort of people are great achievers? Well the answer is simple the people who are smart and act smart. But do you think you are smart? This is the biggest question in every person's mind. Smartness can make you achieve phenomenal results and you can move mountains if you know what needs to be done.

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