Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Overcome Your Fears and Be a Success..

Of course everyone wants to have a life that is filled with great success, and truthfully there is no reason why everyone can't have that. There is no magical success fairy that only sprinkles the dust on certain individuals while overlooking others.
The only dust involved in success is brushing the dust off yourself when you meet with challenges and facing them head on. The thing that blocks most people isn't the actual work that needs to be done, or the situations they find themselves in. The thing that stops most people is fear.

The fear can be fear of failure, but more commonly it is fear of success. People are scared of change. Success, massive success, changes your life. That is why most people experience failure and don't go after success with unrelenting pursuit. So how can we overcome fear? It has to be by first realizing that anything that happens in your life you have control over, and that success is going to be something that you will learn to live with and love.
So how can you overcome your fears? What are some of the things you can do to make your way past this great obstacle?
First figure out what is holding you down. What is the worst that can happen and what is the best? People who have become massively successful view failure as a step on the way to success. Failure is temporary and helps you to learn about your self and the things you are trying to accomplish.
Think seriously about what events in your life have helped to grow the fear in your heart. Have you had people around you who were tearing you down or ripping your dreams to shreds? Have there been naysayers and glass-half-empty folks robbing you of your future? Think about what they were saying and decide that you aren't having any of their nonsense in your head anymore. You are the only one who can determine your future and the negative nellies of the world can't hold you back unless you let them do it.
Lastly, who are you surrounding yourself with? There is a saying in the addiction community that if you don't want to slip, don't go to slippery places. This means that if you want to avoid drinking, don't go places that have alcohol. Conversely, if you want to succeed, don't surround yourself with failures. If you want to climb upwards find people who are where you want to be and soak up the ambiance that surrounds them. Your successor failure is reflected by the five people you associate with the most, so pick your friends carefully. Success breeds success. Stay focused and in that place.
Whatever you have in your life, whatever fear, whatever circumstance, you can overcome it. A great step forward is self-belief and confidence. Take steps to gain that, and there is nothing you can't do.

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