Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time Management - Planning For the Best Results in Five Easy Steps

It is said that planning makes sure that you are preparing for all the good stuff to happen. Great results are achieved with careful planning. Often we may consider something to be an overnight success, but more often than not, that was result of months or even years of deliberate planning.
Let us go into more detail of how you can improve your planning ability.

First of all, you have to ask yourself what are the intended results that you wish to achieve. Knowing this will focus your planning efforts on how to get there, which bring us to the next point of deliberation.
The next step is to figure out what you must do to get those results. Obviously, you have to do something, right. Otherwise there would be no point to the planning if everything is not in your control. List out the steps that you will need to take to achieve your goals.
Next, you have to decide on your priorities, sometimes you have to do the steps outlined above in a sequential manner and that will determine the priority. Other times, several tasks could be started without impacting each other. It is in these cases that you have to prioritize and get going with one of them.
Determine how much time each step in your plan will require and when you will take the time to do them. Some tasks you can do anytime, and some others you have to do at a specific time or you could be more efficient doing some tasks early in the morning, for example.
Finally, make sure you have allotted some time for the unexpected things that crop up. Yes, these things are rarely in our complete control, so build in a bit of buffer so that the unexpected can be dealt with without too much impact to your plan.

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