Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tips on How to Impress Your Boss

In this highly competitive market, it's always a good idea to impress your boss. You don't need to become a yes person to impress your superior. There are many other simple ways to grab their attention.
Including being professional and adding graphs to your reports. In this article, I point out some easy ways of getting your boss attention.

Be respectful. It might seem like a no brainer, but it is essential and a very simple thing to do. But you would be surprised how many people don't know how to be respectful. Others just take it for granted. There is no need to bow at your superior but learning how to answer respectfully is essential. For example, if your boss asks you to do a certain project but the project is not part of your mandate, you can simply inform your boss that this is colleague's task that you will inform your colleague if he wishes. I've seen situations where the employee feels insulted that the boss has asked them so they answer back telling the boss that he should do a better job of recognizing who's in charge of what task. A simple and respectful answer is always best.
Be helpful. If everyone in the office is particularly busy, ask your colleagues if you can assist them until things settle down. Eventually, your boss will find out about your good deeds either by seeing them first hand of someone around you will inform your boss. There is no need to run off to your superior and announce that you're helping other employees. That will make you look like a suck up.
Impress them with graphs. Most bosses like visual stimulation. So spice up your reports by adding graphs to them. Higher-ups usually need to read dozens of reports per week. To make sure you grab your boss' attention, make sure you add a pie chart or bar graph or line graph to your report. Use a graph resource website. These sites allow you to create a graph easily so can add them to your reports.
Be curious about your company. Whenever the occasion is right, ask questions about the organizations past and future. Every boss wants to know that an employee is interested in their company. This will show that you see this company as your future and that you intend to stay here for the long run.
These are just some simple rules that can help you get your superiors attention. If you follow these simple instructions, you'll be on your way to impressing your boss and getting that promotion in no time.


  1. i would like to add to the tips mentioned above;
    Be organized: You can only help others if you yourself are organized and complete the assigned tasks on time.
    Be efficient: Meet the deadlines, finish you work on time, try to give your input during meetings, suggest ways to improve the efficiency of the system. Bring in new ideas that are more practical and save time.
    Take initiatives: Don't just wait to be told what to do , take initiative, try to take things in your hand, let the boss know that he/she can depend on you, help your boss in organizing meetings, events, meals, refreshments, arrangements. Get him/her addicted to you. Make them feel your importance that they cant do without you.
    Deliver: No matter what uphold your commitments and deliver.
    All the above will only work when you are top of your work.

  2. Indeed...But I think you are not at top of your work....:P