Saturday, November 19, 2011

How To Make A Memorable Event..

Event planners know that there are several keys to a successful event, whether it's a corporate event or one being hosted for a social occasion. That key is organization and planning. They know that one of the keys is if nobody notices all the hard work that you put into the event, then it's truly a successful event.
The more time put into the event organizing it and communicating with all the parties involved in providing the service at the event and in preparation, the less work that the planner will have to do during the day.

Communication with the client is another key to making your day special for the client and his guests. Meeting with the client in person and going over their needs and desires adds that special touch. This shows that you are dedicated to making the day a success and want to meet the client's needs. Speaking in person also allows for an opportunity to pick up on non-verbal clues during the conversation. These along with the direct instructions from the client will help the planner determine the priorities of the client. The priorities of the client are the priorities for the planner to make the event a memorable event.
The event planner must serve as the quarterback for the event. He is the coordinator for all of the services during that event, and in the end is the one that must answer to the client. He should remain in constant contact with the companies providing services at the event. This can range from decorators to the crew cleaning up after the event. If food is being served at the event, the event planner should be communicated with the caterer so they are aware of the schedule for the food service. If the schedule changes, it's up to the event planner to inform the caterer. If the caterer is running behind, a successful event is ensured by the event planner handling it so they guests don't even notice the delay.
In the end, organizing an event takes precision planning. The coordination skills of planners are the most important skills. They must be able to communicate with people with different personalities and priorities. It is the planner's responsibility to make sure all of the pieces work together as one cohesive team. The event planner cannot judge the day until the very end. If the client is happy, the planner can feel proud that they organised a memorable event.

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