Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tips On Staying Organized And Being Productive..

If you're looking for a way to make your job a little bit easier, try organizing your desk. Or if you do not have a desk, try organizing your work station or cubicle or workbench or where ever you spend most of your time at work.
Maybe you drive a truck or a cab, try having the inside as organized and neat as you want your desk or work area.

Everybody knows that having a clean and neat work area makes doing the job easier than when you have to search for every document or every tool before you can complete a job, but doing it is always harder in practice than in theory. But when it does click and when it does get accomplished, it's a big help and a big relief to whoever gets it done.

That person has an easier time of completing their task and in doing so is much more productive. Also, think about the safety hazard that comes from a messy workspace. If it's your desk that is messy, chances are that you won't physically hurt yourself, maybe a paper cut or a spilled drink on the old keyboard, but if you are on the factory floor or in a maintenance area or on the job site, having a messy work area can get somebody seriously injured or even killed.

So it is very important to keep these areas clean and neat, not just for your ability to find what you need quickly, but for productivity and safety as well. Nobody wants to cause an accident and nobody wants to be part of an accident or the person that gets hurt, but it is even worse when the accident could have been prevented.

So looking around at your area, there are certainly things that will jump out at you which can be fixed immediately, like clearing up what is already done and keeping extra tools or papers out of the way. Taking the little bit of extra time to find a solution and then taking a little bit of extra time to actually put the process into place on a daily basis will make a world of difference as time goes on. Not just will your productivity go up in your daily tasks, but the actual cleanup will get easier and faster each time you do it because it is going to become second nature and also there will be less of it to do.

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  1. I like to create a mess on the TOP of the desk... normally the easy way to find a paper is having them near you.
    So for me organizing paper don't work... I use the same method in home with my shoes, they are everywhere and I use the ones that are right in front of me.

    I was just kidding... about the shoes!