Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 3 Goody Bag Marketing Tips

There's always a reason to celebrate, and what better way to promote your business than through a festive event, where you can add a special something to a goody bag.
A goody bag is an important factor in events - not only do these bags create goodwill between your business and the event attendees, these also make you memorable in association to the event and cause the potential clients got them from. But even the simple act of giving out freebies requires a certain strategy that would ensure that you'd get the most out of your promotional product:

1. Know and Acquire Your Target
In order to be effective in marketing, of course you should know who to reach out to so you can get your desired results. List down the industries and relevant establishments you could promote through. Research on these listed establishments to determine which ones would be most advantageous to partner up with to narrow things down. Know which projects, events, or causes you'd like your business to be associated with. Supporting relevant activities adds clout and credibility for your business, so it's important to choose well. Contact your chosen establishment. Create rapport. This way, they'd shortlist you as one of the businesses to get in touch with for events and other projects.
2. Define Your Imprint Strategy
More than just sending your partner establishment your free stuff to add to goody bags, you should think about what's going to be on your giveaway item. Just putting your logo and website on said item isn't enough. Add promotional value to your giveaway by imprinting something that would give people a call to action. For example, if you're in the hardware business, you could have: The Acme Store For all your hardware and electronic needs, and more! (insert website here). This kind of imprint makes you recognizable and memorable, and would encourage people to look you up when they need your products or services.
3. Find the Perfect Occasion
Check with your partner establishment and find out if they're having an event. Get all the important details, like the theme, and what are ideal items to be included in the goody bag. It's best to choose a timely and an important event for greater impact and better chances of promoting your business. This not only makes the most out of your promotional products investment, but generates enough buzz for your business.
Goody bag giveaways are ideal for any business because they come into the hands of the intended market, therefore generating leads and potential customers. The promotional product must be able to represent your business well in terms of quality and presentation, as well as the message you're trying to send across, as mentioned in Tip Number 2. It's these details that would help create marketing impact and grow your business.

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