Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Five Money Making Ideas Minus the Huge Investment

There are so many money-making ideas and suggestions out there that it's easy to feel overwhelmed. If you're looking to earn extra money on the side but don't really want to shell out money for capital or be forced to work outside your neighborhood, then a home based business is an option.
You can tap into your natural talents and use them for your money-making ventures. If you just happen to be so good in a lot of things, then use those skills to your advantage. That only means you have more income generating possibilities to work with! Below are ten ventures you can consider for starters.

1. If you have the writing skills, become a freelance writer. Freelancing is one of the most popular money-making ideas ever and understandably so. Many publishers prefer to hire freelancers rather than keep people on staff. Many website owners are always looking for people to generate content for them. A number need ghost writers to write on their behalf and this is something you can easily turn into a home based business.
2. If you know how to use a camera and have an eye for detail, submit stock photos for sale. Many small websites that can't afford to hire a professional photographer or model opt instead to purchase stock photos. So if you normally have your camera with you most of the time, start snapping outdoor and city life photos, which are some of the most in-demand themes. If you know any budding models who are willing to pose for free in exchange for exposure and a few great shots to add to their portfolio, collaborate with them to create stock photos depicting leisure or office-themed scenarios. Stock photography is perhaps one of the most fun money-making ideas as it also unleashes your creative side.
3. If you have the height, looks and cheekbones, consider modeling. Sure it's not a home based business but it gives some travel opportunities that you shouldn't miss, plus it usually pays well. You don't have to aim for glossy magazine work right off the bat. It's just not realistic. Start with "bread and butter" work like catalogs and being an extra in photo and commercial shoots. Don't think you're attractive enough? Are your hands flawless? Many print ads use hand models and there are even modeling agencies that specialize in "specific body part" models to cater to ads that highlight a particular body part.
4. Are you good in math? Tutoring is one of the money-making ideas that lets you work from your own home or visit the homes of your clients. Many school children, especially those learning algebra for the first time, struggle with this much dreaded subject. Tutors will always be in demand, especially for households where both parents are working and too busy to teach their children. You can probably offer a trial session first to give them a look as to how you conduct your lessons. Be sure to impress your first set of clients - parents are normally the ones who exchange tips with fellow moms and dads when it comes to their children's education. Word of mouth recommendations can do many wonders for your home based business!
5. Are you good in the kitchen? Bake and sell cakes or pitch your cooking skills. People who love to throw parties but can't afford caterers can certainly use your services. You don't necessarily have to cook in your clients' kitchens. You can just conduct everything as a home based business by preparing the food in your own kitchen, and you can either deliver their orders or they can pick the food up themselves. Just remember to tack on a delivery fee if you're bringing the food to them.

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