Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Need Help Driving Your Business Forward?

A business analysis can help any business run more effectively. With multiple tools in their strategy, many companies this year will hire a business analyst to assist in raising profits, turnaround and overall productivity. The following is a list of benefits as to why having a business study is a great idea for any company.

1) Business analysts have a unique skill set. They are normally third party and completely objective without bias in favor of the company. Therefore, they are able to be honest and realistic without underestimating potential competitors. One popular tool many business analysts use is called a SWOT analysis. This acronym stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and essentially tells a company what they are doing well, where they can improve, where they could potentially benefit and what could potentially harm them.
2) Improving strategic planning. Many companies are great at targeting a large market and conceiving of possible solutions to problems they may encounter. However, when a company hires a business analyst, they are seeking input from a very detailed and focused individual. By improving strategic planning, a company will be more focused on specific details on how to improve efficiency and where to concentrate their efforts. As this relates to the SWOT analysis, strategic planning could involve weaknesses and opportunities.
3) Improving systems analysis. Another difficulty many companies encounter involves the high tech aspect and maximizing profits from investments. The under utilization of many tools, including computers, means that a company could be earning more money. A businesses analyst will be able to objectively state where the company could be increasing profits and recommend new strategies involving technology, such as software for accounting or even social media for networking.
4) Cleaning house of unnecessary costs. A business development consultant will help a company increase profits by telling them where they can cut costs with minimal, if any, damages to the organization. For this reason, business analysts are extremely beneficial to the higher ranks within an organization. Cutting costs means more profit which means more money for the share holders and an increase in potential investors. Conversely, this may mean a recommendation to fire employees. Keep in mind many people depend on companies for their livelihood. Firing loyal employees to save a few dollars is not ethical in the long run if it can be avoided.
5) Develop timelines. One of the most useful tools a business analysts has is when it comes to allocating time for projects. They will be able to say how long any potential assignment should run and when and if it should terminated. Included in timelines are goals for the future. Keeping a business' eye on the long term is necessary for success in any industry.

A business analyst is a very useful individual. They use tools like the SWOT analysis to understand a company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. They can objectively recommend plans for improving strategic planning, high tech oriented issues and clean house of unnecessary costs. Finally, they are long term minded and can help establish timelines. Consider some business development advice for your business venture and improve efficiency in the future.

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