Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Ten Rules Of Doing Business Online

1. Respond quickly

The web is full of websites that may grab your customer’s attention from you. Be sure you give them the info NOW, while you are still on the mind.

2. Provide the prospect enough information as you possibly can to make an educated decision
You need to make the shopping process as simple as possible. Provide them with the answers to almost all their questions so that they will feel at ease buying your products.

3. Offer a number of ways of emailing you
Let your visitors know that you care enough to be shown for them. Do not ever hide behind your site.

4. Be truthful in everything
Your reputation is exactly what will make you successful. Treat others fairly and also the rest will fall under place.

5. Create desire to have all types
Use for different reasons. Write logically and emotionally. You need to create (emotional) desire to have your product but additionally eliminate the (logical) arguments some prospects might have against buying.

6. Write with all of readers in your mind
Include subtitles and lists for those who will only skim the web site and make detailed descriptions for those who want a more thorough explanation.

7. Let others sell for you
Testimonials and joint ventures would be the most powerful type of advertising you can use. They’re also a lot less than other forms of advertising so be sure you start using these immediately.

8. Produce a sense of urgency
You’ve spent your hard-earned money to obtain prospects for your site. Provide them with an incentive to order once they get there! If a person feels that they’ll come back anytime and order, they’ll procrastinate. Most likely they’ll leave your website and never make sure to come back.

9. Request the sale!
You shouldn’t be shy relating to this. Show them that they’re getting much more than what they’re paying for after which tell them how to obtain. Place several order links throughout your ad copy.

10. Overdeliver
Your listing of previous customers is easily the most valuable thing you have. If you treat your visitors special, you’ll be rewarded by referrals and repeat business. Make sure to keep in touch with these folks and assist them whenever you can.

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