Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 Most Important Things To Be Careful About While Outsourcing

It is often asked that what one should be careful about when selecting an outsourcing company or individual. Nearly all outsourcing firms will be to do with medical transcription, accounting outsourcing, outsource answering services company and other BPO outsourcing firms.
Following is really a generic listing of important things to check on while looking to have an outsourcing firm.

1. Complete contact details for outsourcing firm
This really is obvious that nobody would want to deal not understanding where this person or firm comes from. Believe me you will find hundreds, otherwise thousand, of web sites offering great services without a phone number or address! Be cautious and look the whois records to make sure.

2. Request References
Request references in your town from the outsourcing resource. Some NDA issues may arise but nonetheless make sure that it offers some references. Please verify these references.

3. Business History
Do a google search for this firm. You will discover some reviews or reports relating to this site somewhere. These reviews might not be authentic and yet there would be some.

4. Financial statements
Ask the firm to provide its recent financial statements. Most would hesitate. However the established you will be happily offering you.

5. Experience
Check up on the relevant experience. Request case studies or project demonstration. Check up on the staff and also the skill-set available.

6. Technologies
This firm should be aware latest trends and technologies within the field. If neccessary, ask them some questions associated with your technology requirements. Make certain they have proper use of the tools or softwares required. Study their finished projects if at all possible.

7. Connectivity
Because the most of services are supplied online, this guy/firm should have a high-speed connectivity. Backup connections will be a plus. 512KBPS ADSL is really a minimum broadband standard.

8. Data Security
Make certain your data could be in safe hands. Perform the paperwork and demand guarantees. Online space could be essential too for data transfers.

9. Payment Terms
Don’t provide your charge card numbers much like that. The payment gateway Should be certified by proper authorities or trust the likes of VeriSign. Check the payment gateway records prior to making payments. Bank-transfers will be a good option for transactions. Always attempt to retain maximum payments for post-completion stage. I means pay least possible amount before work completion.

10. A Demo Assignment
Assign a demo project like a “TEST PROJECT”. This will let you know the whole story if the firm can definitely handle you project and fulfill the needs you have.

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