Thursday, January 5, 2012

11 Simple And Practical Tips On How To Dazzle Customers

1. If you will know a customer is due visit you, set up a sign (or simply a balloon) that welcomes these phones your business. Inform your team who’s coming to determine who your customer is and may call them by name.

2. When put forth visit a customer, drive them a present. A unique balloon, a box of cream cakes, an interesting badge. Something which will make them remember you. And send them something together with your quote or your invoice. It only must be small however it will make an impact.

3. Let customers learn about things that may be of interest for them even though they do not really come from your business. For example, manufacturing customers may be interested in an export event being run through the IOD. Or one from the banks may be running a session on cashflow management.

4. Guarantee that which you do. In case your customer wasn’t happy with that which you had done, you’d probably move heaven and earth to place things right. So why wouldn’t you guarantee it?

5. Let the client know that you actually care about them. Dirty cups, scruffy appearance or perhaps a dirty window all tell the client that you don’t care.

6. Accept complaints graciously and treat them as if they are nuggets of pure gold. They are your possibilities to improve and increase loyalty.

7. Always smile whenever you greet a person either in person or about the phone. The client can sense if you’re not pleased to discover their whereabouts. And don’t forget to eye contact is key.

8. Have a menu of drinks. It does not cost anymore than coffee and tea but it will dazzle the client. Have some interesting sweets inside a jar. What about Black Jacks or Fruit Salad or whatever was your favourite growing up.

9. Make your shop or office an enjoyable place to visit. It has to be fun for you personally, fun for the team and fun for the customers.

10. Understand the strength of “thank you”. Thank your visitors. Thank your team. Thank your referral sources. Try sending a “thank you” note to customers that pay out promptly – it may have an amazing effect!

11. Under promise and also over deliver. If your job normally takes one week then allow additional time and surprise your customer by completing it early. Whenever you deliver the finished item emphasise the way you pulled out all of the stops to make it happen early.

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