Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 Things You Gotta Believe About Your Business

Make sure you include these three things you gotta believe about your business:
Business Pace
When my daughter ran distance races, she trained her body to build endurance by putting in the necessary miles daily. She also exercised her mind to learn course management. She discovered in her first races that adrenaline would push her out hard and fast from the start and carry her for a while.
If she kept up that pace, she often led, but when she approached the finish, she had no energy left and fell way back. The only result that counts is when you cross the finish line. She discovered how to pace herself, starting strong, settling into a comfortable, economical pace, with enough reserve for a powerful finish kick. Such a pace allowed her to compete and succeed.
Your business has a pace. Adjusting your intensity to reflect it is a key to Work Positive success. You run sprints one way. Maybe that's your 4Q. You run 5K's an entirely different way. That might be your 1Q. You gotta believe that your business has a pace and rhythm all its own. Adjust your intensity accordingly and train for it.
Balance People and Tasks
You can focus your business efforts on people-employees, vendors, and customers-but when you do, you lose sight of your company goals. You can focus your energy on accomplishing tasks-your goals and action plan-but when you do, you forget that its people who accomplish those tasks. My grandmother gave me a chocolate bunny every spring for Easter. Some years, I bit into it to find only air inside. Other years, it was marshmallow. My favorite years were those when I discovered chocolate through and through. Balancing people and tasks means you lead your business consistently-through and through. You lead people to accomplish tasks and focus on tasks for people to achieve.
You gotta believe that your business succeeds when you balance people and tasks.
Beyond the Obvious
You're staring at your P&L and balance sheets for 2011 about now. What do you believe happened in 2011 in your business?
A pair of sisters enjoyed shopping in a Goodwill shop in Virginia. One of them saw a pearl necklace, found it attractive, and since it was only $.69, bought it, believing that it was just costume jewelry. Wearing it back home in Arizona, a friend commented on how beautiful it was and encouraged her to get it appraised. She did and discovered that it was worth a little more than the $.69 purchase price.
Like $50,000 more. 
As you look back on 2011 and forward into 2012, you gotta believe beyond the obvious. Believe that at least some of your investments in adjusting your business pace will pay off this year. Believe that by balancing people and tasks you will discover unimagined value.
You gotta believe in your business in 2012!

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  1. Do the business with your heart, take care like your own baby patiently, persistently and consistently, somehow you will find the rhythm to maintain your endurance and finally cross the finish lines