Monday, January 2, 2012

Seven Secrets Of Top Performers

Let’s offer rest the fallacy that success, in sales or any profession, is a result of luck, chance, and/or effort. There is nothing more wrong. Think about it, we both know individuals who work incredibly hard, investing in long hours, they might even have two jobs, but they’re not consistently (when) successful.
Effort certainly plays a role in success, but effort alone won’t make you top-flight inside your industry. Is success due, then, to luck or chance?

After many years of study, inside a multitude of industries, I’ve come to the final outcome that success is definitely an absolute science. Quite simply, there are exact principles of thought and action that top performers universally and consistently exhibit. Let’s examine seven of those principles more closely:

1. High achievers know precisely what they want
I had been recently dealing with top sales professionals on the seven-city tour of Canada. During these seminars, I invariably asked people the things they wanted to achieve within the upcoming year. Lots of people had a vague concept of what they wanted (or the things they thought they might achieve); and much more knew the things they didn’t want; however the high performers knew in measurable terms, the things they wanted to accomplish in each and every area of their life. Certainly, this type of clarity and concentrate is power!

2. Top performers visualize themselves owning their desired results
I’ve interviewed a large number of the worlds best and without fail they see themselves winning each day. Whether running a business or athletics: Jack Nicholas in golf, Jordan in basketball, the million-dollar sales producer I spoke with a week ago, they all have this in keeping. Visualizing is paramount to realizing!

3. Highly successful come with an unbending belief by themselves and their abilities
Winners believe they’ll win ahead of time, and it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. A typical mistake among would-be achievers may be the notion that “if I be skilled during my profession I’ll succeed.” Yet the number of highly skilled people are you aware that are not profiting each day? Often a couple go through the same training program and acquire exactly the same skills — yet one turns into a huge success and something accomplishes nothing. The solution lies in the individual’s belief system and also the unshakable conviction that she or he will win.

4. Achievers do something “as if” they were already owning the goal they really want
High achievers think, work, talk, play, and do something like the person they would like to become. What this means is turning away from current results and focusing, believing, and acting “as if” you had been already there. Realize that your current answers are the direct connection between the past. Yesteryear does not equal the near future.

5. Winners take full responsibility for his or her own destiny
Winners get results! Answers are not comparable to no-results-and-a-good-story. Many sales professionals are better at making excuses compared to they are at earning money. “It’s the economy, it is the location, my costs are too high.” You could come up with a good story, but winners hold themselves accountable. Only if you take responsibility for everything in your lifetime can you be careful to change anything.

6. Top performers build high-leveraged partnerships
Nobody in today’s world makes it alone. There’s just too much to understand and situations are changing too soon. High achievers always spend more time with other high achievers. Like attracts like. They attend exactly the same events, get your meals at the same restaurants, join exactly the same churches and clubs. Your company and social environment is much more important than your heredity, choose your relationships and partnerships wisely.

7. Great achievers are wonderful givers
Achievers ask: “How can one provide more quality? How can I share with others, to my teammates, employees, clients. So what can I do to really make it better?” Winners always give Ten times more value compared to they ask for in exchange.

Success happens based on universal laws and timeless principles. Understand and use them and you will win. It really works for everyone… each time.

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  1. Sometimes, it is a matter of being in the right place and at the right time. Then, you apply the principles of what you have learned over time.