Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3 Easy Small Business Marketing Ideas

1. What is your offer?
The next time you're reading a magazine, flip through it and take a careful look at the ads. Give yourself 10 seconds to read each one. And then play a game with yourself. Try to figure out what each ad offers the reader.

Is it something you have to get?
Is it something you could not say no to?
Is it something that makes you twitch in your seat because you "gotta have it"?
I'll bet all the money in the Franklin Mint that 99% of the offers in the ads you read are extremely weak. And that's if the ad contains an offer in the first place.
And there's a lesson for you:
If you think each offer in that magazine you're reading is weak, then everybody else does too.
Which means the next time you go to create an offer to promote your business make sure it's something that nobody in their right mind could say no to.
2. Who are you selling to?
It's a common mistake to think that everybody is a good fit with your business. This is not true. And let me give you an example.
When I owned a very successful pet business, I use to think that anybody who owned a dog would be a fit with what I was trying to sell
This was a big mistake.
Because I quickly learned, I was looking for dog owners who valued what I was selling... and... who had money to afford my products and services. This quickly narrowed my focus which as a result made my marketing more effective.
You must figure out who your ideal prospect is too so you do not waste time and effort chasing everybody with a pulse.
3. Why should they buy from you now?
If you don't give your prospect a reason to buy whatever you are trying to sell right now, then you will be sorely disappointed with your marketing results.
Because most people would rather put off making a decision which is why your marketing piece must include some kind of incentive to get your reader to buy right now.
So there you have it.
Three easy ways you can get better results from your next small business marketing campaign.
And one last thing:
If you are serious about growing your business, then more than likely all you need is a few more good ideas like the one in this article.
So ask yourself this:
Where can you turn for more good ideas like what you just read in this article?
In my humble opinion, you have to be careful where you look for good ideas because just about everybody and their brother claims to be a so-called 'business expert'.
Saying is one thing.
Doing is another.


  1. market approach takes,normally two paths;the first of which, aims at regular customers and those who are interested in the product for various reasons,so that to maintain their interest and satisfaction of that product(s).The second approach,on the other hand, should be directed to seek new customers for the product.Of course each approach requires different tools and means through which promotion plans and adds have to proceed to gain pre- planned results.

  2. Good, clear, simple points. I agree that this has the best chance of being effective. In my business (psychotherapy practice), though, i can't always be making a new lower price offer. i can do that once in a while. I think for me i have to emphasize my own personal value as a therapist. In other words, why should a potential client choose me over another therapist.