Saturday, February 25, 2012

3 Ways to Feed Your Business Positively

Here are three ways to look for the beautiful at work and feed your business positively.
Abstain from negative conversations
Choose your conversations carefully whether on the phone or in the hallway. Listen actively. Redirect quickly when the conversation spirals downward into negativity without a suggestion of course correction. Attempt to re frame-"Yes, and yet..."-if the redirect is ineffective. Remove yourself with "I must go" if the redirect or re frame fails.

Words impact our perception of reality. Think about how you feel after hanging up or what you're thinking as you walk away from conversations. Positive exchanges lift dark clouds and energize you. Negative words do the opposite.
Deal with conversations quickly. Ask yourself, "Where is this going? Do I want to participate?" and choose accordingly.
Allow for interruptions
You're goal-focused with a prioritized list for the day's activity. That's great-focus on the positive and do those things that increase your profitability most effectively.
Also, allow for interruptions which happen regardless. A customer appears suddenly with a situation you can resolve. A client calls in with an opportunity for more work.
It's easy when these detours appear on the day's path to get frustrated, and sideways in your mental model. Such a reaction prevents you from feeding your business positively.
Instead, anticipate interruptions. Deal with them positively, quickly, and effectively. If resolution is achieved in a matter of minutes, do it. If not, promise to get back with the person and get your Work Positive dream team on it.
Then return to your schedule with a renewed interest sustained by your expectation of interruptions.
Access news/information positively
When you watch TV and listen to radio news, you abdicate your editorial license to someone with a negative agenda. Your filters are down and you simply absorb. These are "push" media that will shove their spin into your you let them.
Instead choose "pull" media like Internet news site where you are the queen/king of content. Proactively choose what to read or watch and allow into the theater of your mind. You may stop reading or follow links for more. Your plethora of sources is virtually infinite. Diversify the viewpoints. Filter out the negative for the sake of negative. Focus on information you can use to your business advantage positively.

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  1. Great suggestions.....AND when you find that great information, share it with others.