Sunday, February 19, 2012

4 More Must-Have Google Apps for Your Business

In this fast paced world of technology, it becomes compulsory for businesses to keep up with the trends, especially with tools that determine their efficiency as well as their performance relative to competitors. One set of such tools that most smart businesses have adopted is Google Apps. Here are 4 more must-have Google Apps for businesses. started off with being an online storage space provider for business customers. Gradually, it added on more tools that would help users not only store their files but also perform other tasks including editing, securing, printing and faxing. This addition is great for users who instead of downloading the files on their computers and then performing tasks want to do it directly from the location where their files are stored. Furthermore, can integrate itself with the tools of different types of software packages used by businesses, automatically sort out files and even help you arrange web conferences in which the documents stored will be used.
SlideRocket is Google's light version of PowerPoint. It is a fully loaded software that comes handy when you are up for a spontaneous presentation. The best thing about it is that once bought, it can be used by members of your organizations anywhere and at any time given that they have access to the internet. You can avail a 30-day trial for free and then choose to subscribe. With every person in the organization having access to the same presentation on the same platform, everyone will be on the same page during web conferences.
Shared Contacts
One man's loss is another gain. The notion is true for Google and those who made Shared Contacts. Shared Contacts picked up where Google left off helping its users share common contacts with others. The package, Shared Contacts, collects the contacts of different people's contacts, makes different sets of contacts and shows them to those who are in that set of common contacts. Once you have installed Shared Contacts, consider all your contacts in a place very safe and nothing such as a stolen phone or a hacked email account will destroy your reservoir of contacts.
Gone are the days when people used to hire secretaries to manage their trips. With apps such as TripIt, travel management can't get easier and more efficient. TripIt does a number of things that would have simply made you anxious including informing relevant people about your travel details such as the time of your departure and arrival and current status, turning flight details into well equipped guides for you and updating everyone in case of any change(s) in your plan such as flight delay. The best thing about this amazing travel secretary is that it is free!

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