Saturday, March 3, 2012

5 Benefits of Promotional Lanyards

1. Popular and Practical 
The main functions of promotional lanyards are to hold I.D. or membership cards, keys, flash drives etc. They have been a favourite marketing tool used by companies around the world and they are very popular as give-aways to consumers during trade shows or conferences. Recent studies have shown that consumers are likely to keep free items they have received and lanyards offer many practicalities, especially if they come with attachments such as breakaway clips and swivel hooks, so that people can attach whatever they want.

2. Creating Brand Awareness 
The print area on promotional lanyards is the most important aspect for advertising and marketing purposes. They provide opportunities for businesses to customise the lanyard with their very own designs and/or visuals most suited to their brand. For example, if you want to make a positive impact, opt for dye-sublimated lanyards, which allow you to print full colour images and logos and will draw full attention to your brand. On a busy trade show floor, this will stand out and be seen, thereby maximising exposure and gaining interest from potential customers.

3. Cost effective 
Compared to other promotional products, lanyards are typically inexpensive and when purchased in bulk quantities, they come at a reasonable price. The most common and cheap type of promotional lanyards are polyester lanyards, which are particularly useful for companies with a large workforce who are required to wear lanyards for security and identification purposes. You can still have your brand name printed on them and you can also buy pouches and create I.D. cards for each employee.

4. Achieving Wide Recognition 
The next time you're planning a promotional event, you can make use of lanyards to hand out to visitors and clients. They will serve as a reminder of your company should customers want to buy your products and services. The main information they will need is your company name, phone number and website and having this printed onto hundreds of promotional lanyards will be very beneficial for advertising to a wide audience.

5. Increasing Revenue 
The long-term benefits of producing your range of promotional lanyards are that they can help to increase your sales revenue. With the economy in financial turmoil, now is the best time to make sure your brand is exposed and ahead of competition. Ensure to take advantage of unique, custom printed lanyards and you will notice that more customers will be aware of your business and enquire for your products.

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