Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 Ways To Make Loads of Money From At Home With A Passive Income Business

  1. Consider an online shop e.g. an eBay or Amazon shop, a private label ecommerce shop (using PLR or resale rights to create an instantly available stock of products) or sell products through Pinterest or shopify. I started a fab and funky shop using Shopify (which provides the shopfront facility for a small monthly fee) and sourcing unique hand made products from Etsy, which is an amazing resource.
  2. Start a professional site offering services you offer or can help a local business with. Such as tax assessment advice, catering or cosmetic dentistry. You may not feel you are enough of an SEO or social media expert to get paid to help others but if you have basic online business skills you'll be far ahead of you local businesses who desperately need help in finding new customers. The key to local marketing is to combine online and offline strategies and to create mini-sites with posts rich with keywords relevant to the services you're promoting. Use the Google external keyword tool to find 5-10 keywords relevant to your niche that are getting a lot of monthly searches (at least 1,000 a month is my minimum). Then create a mini-site with core or "pillar" articles relevant to these 5-10 keywords. This will "rank" your keywords high in the search engines and generate natural traffic to your mini-site. Once you've achieved this your business is really running on autopilot and you can generate passive income.
  3. Create a membership site where you offer a monthly subscription in return for membership services. Process payments using PayPal or ClickBank and offer an incentive to sign-up, for example offer a $1 trial, plus a bonus report or video.
  4. Advertising site. Find a profitable niche where there are proven buyers (using Amazon or ClickBank) and create a keyword targeted mini-site providing a solution to your target audience's problem. Offer free content with revenue generated through Adsense. This is where Google pays you to place relevant advertising on your site and you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad. Use the Google keyword tool to find profitable keywords and focus your mini site around one keyword to get lots of traffic and therefore more clicks, and more income.
  5. Directory site e.g. dating or professional site. Get paid for listing companies or singles looking for love. Consider a directory of local family-friend events or days-out, or local businesses. The beauty of directory sites is that you don't have to create content as your members will do that, you just need to facilitate bringing them together in a central resource.

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