Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Advantages of a Work at Home Opportunity Over an Office Job

1. A Less Intimidating Boss 
Have you ever held your breath or broken into a sweat whenever your boss padded by your cubicle? If you've felt this kind of anxiety, then telecommuting may just be the thing to help calm your nerves. If you take on a work at home opportunity, you will have no need to face your boss as intimately ever again. Sure, you may have email and instant messenger exchanges, sometimes even voice and video chats, but none of those will be as intimidating as actually sharing the same breathing space with them.

2. Fewer Chances of Getting Sick 
Anyone who has ever worked in a typical office environment would know full well that such places are breeding grounds for disease. You or your co-workers are often tempted to still go to work even though you have the sniffles, and this kind of carelessness tends to spread the disease quite quickly and efficiently. If you're telecommuting, though, that shouldn't be a problem. A work at home opportunity means exposing yourself to fewer people and, therefore, to fewer chance of infection. It's the healthier way to go!

3. No Cranky Spouses or Partners 
If you're married or in some sort of romantic relationship, how many times has your partner complained that you were late to a date, or that you should have come home earlier, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera? With telecommuting, none of that kind of stress would exist. Since you'd be taking on a work at home opportunity, your partner can be in touch with you quite easily, and they wouldn't have to nag about where you are and where you should be. You would no longer need to panic that you need to get home right away, or worry that you haven't been spending as much time with your partner.

4. No Commuting 
The most ironic thing about telecommuting is that commuting is not even a factor in any way, shape, or form. This is an immense advantage for just about anyone. Who actually likes to commute anyway? With a work at home opportunity, you will never have to wake up at some ungodly hour to beat the morning rush. You will never have to endure hours of mind-numbing traffic, or face the dangers of walking out with your pricey work laptop. You will never have to waste any more time traveling, period. Wouldn't that be awesome?

5. No Uncomfortable Furniture 
One of the biggest problems you can have working in an office is having chairs or desks that are far from ergonomic. If your company pinches pennies when it comes to office furnishings, then chances are that your back's been pretty beat all these years. Telecommuting can take care of that problem. If you choose a work at home opportunity, you can get the most comfortable chair in your house to work in, or even purchase something that suits your body best. That's a pretty worthy investment!


  1. It's really good to have such job. But we may loose office atmosphere and exposure to new technology which may not be possible at Home.

    Also It's very difficult to assess authentic working from home service provide.. Most of the case we hear is of duping public..

    If you have any good and authentic service provider pl let me know so that I can pass it to the needy friends..

  2. I would do this in a heart beat! I literally hate commuting. Honestly, I think I'd get a lot more done working from home. In fact, I just did a little google research, and apparently it does increase productivity.

    I can't wait wait until this is possible for me.

  3. I use a site called T-Jobs for any of my telecommuting jobs. I'm currently in an office setting now, but love to work a remote position... if I can stay out of the fridge.