Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marketing Tips to Increase Sales Using Promotional Products

Choose Your Audience
Is your target market all across the country or more local? Are they businesses or residents of that locality? Are they middle aged, young, or men, or predominantly women? Do you want to target children in schools or college-going students? The kind of audience you are targeting and their demographics will determine the business promotional items that you choose to promote your brand or company with. Your brand should be customer-relevant. Your brand must add value to their lives and that is when your marketing is most effective.

The How's Of Your Distribution
Will it be an awareness event, a tradeshow, a fundraiser, an opening, an anniversary, to announce a change of address, or just the basic advertising campaign? Cost considerations and the outreach to your target audience will help determine what kind of event you will go for. Corporate giveaways are effective promotional tools primarily because they make an emotional connection with their recipients and users. So choosing the most appropriate event that allows for such marketing, is crucial.
What Kind Of Branding Promotional Items
Quality business promotional products speak of your quality service. They show your clients that their business is appreciated and that you are keen to have their continued patronage. Besides, high quality business promotional items last much longer than regular quality ones, increasing the number of impressions and recall value. Branded promotional items are perfect for such campaigns.
Brand Logo Criteria
Choose your branding promotional items wisely. Your logo should fit appropriately and remain visible on the promotional gift item of choice. Different products offer different kinds of print areas. Some large, some on a plain surface, some on a spherical surface, against a black or white background, or against colored ones-you must take these into consideration and visualize how your logo and message will appear. The logo must be clearly visible and your message short, simple and legible. A carabiner offers a tiny edge of a flat surface where you would only be able to put your company name. However, a promotional bag or t-shirt would make your logo very clearly visible.
Quirky Works!
For those who have always chosen a promotional pen or notebook, pet promotional gifts would seem outright weird, but there is a flip side to such quirky giveaways. A greater percentage of the US population owns at least one pet and people love their pets! Again it boils down to emotionally connecting to the promo and your brand. Your strategy is to make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression, and sometimes this quirkiness actually works!

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