Sunday, March 4, 2012

Successful Marketing Plan in Five Easy Steps

Get your research together and analyse it.
Here is the most important of the five steps. You will need to totally understand the industry you are in, the sales patterns involved, the growth you will hope to achieve and the products which are successful. Competition is good, it will give you an insight into what works and what does not. Look at your customers, who are they? What do they need? Look at pricing of products and pricing of packages. Within this targeted research you will gain information on your strengths and the weaknesses you will need to work on. From this you will achieve great clarification into your market and your direction.

Write down your main challenges.
What does not kill us will make us stronger. Your challenges will galvanise your business acumen. Is generating leads a problem? Find a course, learn and act. List all the things you need to work on and act on it. The completed list will generate a sense of achievement.
What are your mission objectives?
Set clear simple objectives and challenge them. I recently wanted to master solo ads, so I immersed myself in solo ads until I was happy with my responses. You need to keep learning, keep the momentum. Always developing you, and making positive progress. When we become stagnant we lose our drive and desire.

What is your game plan?

When you have a list of objectives you need to know how you will tackle them. You need a game plan. The plan must address these objectives directly ensuring that you are making progress to ticking them off the list. Have your objective in the middle of the paper and brainstorm ideas around it; these will be your multiple solutions and game attacks. If I want more leads then I will have multiple attack angles to ensure greater success and not putting all my eggs in one basket.
Every game plan needs tactics
Once you have the game plan to attack your objective you need a tactic. This is where the action will begin. What you need to do is attach what you will do to your objective to instigate your game plan and ultimately achieve your objective. There will always be the issue of cost. It would never be wise to go into debt without making the necessary judgements first. Risk will pay off only if you know it is a needed risk and you have done your research. Set a budget for advertising etc. and stick to it, if you can spend more do it, don't penny pinch. In your business you will get out what you invest in time and money. Your efforts must be based around your research and targeted so you get more bang for your buck.

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