Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tips for Gaining New Clients for Your Lawn Care Business

Tip no.1 - Employing staff
Employing new staff may not increase your business profitability 100% although it will definitely increase your business if you:
1. Employ a hard worker - so this means that you won't be able to assess their work ethics until you have actually given them work to do. So when you employ new staff, always put them on a probationary basis.

2. By placing a new employee on a probationary basis will give you an insight into their character as well as their work standard and ethic. Many people that can 'talk-the-talk' are often incapable of 'walking-the-walk'. A talker will cost you rather than profiting you and unless they are on a probationary basis, can sometimes be hard to fire. You don't need someone who is likely to cost you more than they profit you. Employing staff that are inefficient or unreliable will cost you either money or time or both. You and your business can do without these losses.
3. Just because you have 3 staff members working in your business does not mean that you get the profits from three people. Statistics have proven that as you increase staff members, your profitability from each seems to decrease. You need to consider this finding very carefully when assessing the profitability of employing new staff.
4. You need workers who will gain new clients for your lawn care business by doing work that is likely to elicit good word of mouth recommendations from the neighbours where they have done an excellent job on the lawn care of a neighbour.
Tip no.2 - Word of Mouth Recommendations
The cheapest and yet the highest recommendations that you can ever achieve for gaining new clients for your lawn care business will be by word of mouth (WOM) recommendations.
When a neighbour's lawn is placed beside their neighbours lawn and tends to look a bit 'uncared for' by comparison, they will often ask their neighbour why their lawn is looking so good. Once your name gets mentioned, and if you have been 'market savvy' enough to leave a business card or thank you memento with them, they will share your information. After all, a nice well-kept neighbourhood only enhances the value of the properties in their street so no neighbour wants to bring down the prices of their neighbours property!
Tip no.3 - Business Mementos
Business mementos are great little gimmicks that customers love to get. These mementos need to have your business details on them in bold lettering so they are easily read when left lying on the kitchen bench or on a fridge.
The more useful the memento, the more it is used and the better they remember your service/business because you have given them extra service value by leaving a useful item behind to remind them of your excellent service.
These tips will help you to gain new clients for your lawn care business and will assist in expanding these ways further to increase that profitability when you employ the right staff who will also work to gain even more clients for you.


  1. Just want to add few things.
    Affiliate programs is a huge thing. "Refer a friend and you both get prizes" and other specials and discounts. Especially for small things like lawn mowing and maintenance.

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