Saturday, April 28, 2012

7 Tips to Get the Most From Personal or Business Development Programs

1. Strike a balance.
Cover each part of the program or system and don't just "cherry pick" the parts you like. Get out of your comfort zone and evaluate areas which you may have avoided. It may be due to bad experiences in the past, or you may simply not consider it important. Address it anyway, since this is about reflection and being open-minded.

2. Seek to understand yourself and what makes you tick.
Why do we do the things we do? What motivates me? We all do things for very good reasons. Even if we do something that appears irrational or damaging to ourselves, we do it because somewhere in our unconscious mind we believe it will be good for us. Identify these outcomes and the reasoning behind your behavior.
3. Be honest.
You are neither a complete success nor a complete failure. Don't rationalize and explain away failure (Its not my fault, the market was down, money is tight) or success (I was lucky, anyone could have done it, it's not such a big deal). Face it, acknowledge it. Be truthful with yourself.
4. Acknowledge what works in your life and what does not
Do what works. Identify the rewards that drive your behavior and that of others. Control the rewards to control your life. Are the rewards you are getting from your current behavior what you really want? Get real with yourself and everybody else. Be truthful about what isn't working in your life. Stop making excuses and start making results.
5. Recognize that life rewards action
It is not what we plan and say that gets us the results we want. It is what we do about it. Most programs and systems require a degree of reflection of your part, but let's remember that it should be followed by consistent and focused action to achieve our dreams.
6. Be clear about what you really want, and then get out there and claim it
Make sure that what you are aiming for in life is what you really want. Do this thoroughly and once you have duly reflected and considered all angles, take action.
7. Focus on making the future happen, not fixing the past
Keep this focus. Consider what you really want and evaluate your current success in the light of whether it is supporting the attainment of your dreams. Learn from your past, don't try and fix it. Rather build the future.

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