Friday, April 13, 2012

Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic Using Social Bookmarking Sites

Use Social Bookmarking Icons on Your Website
You may have visited various websites and blogs and seen the social bookmarking buttons on top of the post, at the bottom of the post, or on the sidebar of the website. These buttons make it easier for the readers to share the useful information they find on your website. There are many plugins to help you integrate these buttons on your website including Facebook and WordPress plugins.

Post Valuable Content on Your Website
As discussed above, people will share useful information they find on your website on various social bookmarking sites. Therefore, you should make a point of posting fresh, unique, original, and valuable information on your websites. This way, your readers will share your information regularly, attracting more traffic to your websites.

Tweet Regularly and Follow People with the Same Interest
Twitter is a powerful tool to get word in circulation. The first thing you should do is to follow people with the same interests as you. This establishes a rapport with these people. The next thing is to tweet regularly on the posts you make on your websites. Tweeting regularly will build your following, hence increasing web traffic to your websites.

Submit Your Blog to Technorati
Technorati is a blog submission site that ranks blogs. In other words, it is a search engine used solely for blogs. Once you have successfully submitted the blog, use tags to your advantage, since they are used to categorize search results.

Use Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites
Using do-follow social bookmarking sites helps you build links back to your website. This is extremely important since search engines recognize links as votes for your websites. As a result, the more links you have pointing back to your website, the better search engine ranking you achieve, which drives loads of organic traffic to your website.

Submit All Your Posts to StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon is one of the best social bookmarking sites available. Essentially, it helps its users find information and websites they are looking for, and vote for the information they get. Regularly posting your posts to StumbleUpon will increase your websites visibility as well as your website traffic.

Do Not Spam
You may be excited at the proposition of getting a lot of traffic from social bookmarking sites. This may lead you to spam these sites with your links. As a caution, do this at your own risk since you will be banned from these sites so fast, your head will spin. Do not submit more than five links in a day.

Use Tags and Categories Wisely
Most social bookmarking sites, such as Diigo, StumbleUpon, and BibSonomy, allow you to use tags when bookmarking your links. You should use tags exhaustively. For example, if you are submitting a link on how to make homemade barbell weights, you should use many related tags to identify your bookmark. In this case, you can include barbell, how to barbell, strength training, and lifting weights, as your keywords and keyword phrases.

Know When to Submit
The United States should give you the best time to submit your links to social bookmarking sites. You would not want to submit your bookmarks when most people are asleep, since no one would visit your website. Additionally, you would not want to submit your links at peak times, when everyone is submitting their links. To increase your web traffic, submit your links at off-peak times.

Do Not Automate Your Submission to Top Sites
You will be better off submitting your links to top sites such as StumbleUpon, Diigo, Reddit, and Digg, manually. This is because, you will do a better job of filling the required fields, you will make sure that the link is properly bookmarked, and it will look normal to the social bookmarking site.


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