Thursday, May 17, 2012

Increasing Website Traffic - 5 Quick Ways to Do It

Increasing website traffic
1. Create a blog. Many people think blogging is no longer effective, because there are so many blogs out there. It is true there are more blogs out there, but most of them are not particularly relevant to a market. Create a relevant blog and you stand head and shoulders above the competition. More people will read it, and more people will tell other people about it. All that means more interest and more traffic. It's that simple.

2. Blog regularly and often. The search engines - and particularly Google - loves websites with fresh, constantly-updated information. A blog with new stuff posted just once a month just doesn't really cut it. Blog three times a week and the search engines will send you more visitors. Even better, once you have some decent traffic you can analyse the keywords and get new ideas to blog about - which leads to more content and more traffic yet again.
3. Write articles. One of the best ways to increase website traffic is to write quality articles and submit them to article directories. These articles can appear in the search results - a source of traffic in themselves - or website traffic can come directly from the article directories themselves. The great thing is the that traffic from article directories is highly-qualified traffic, and that's just the type of traffic you want.
4. Get your name out to the public. Writing articles will do this to a large extent, but you should also go onto forums and read other blogs, and post useful, relevant content. The people reading those blogs and forums will be highly-qualified to your market, and some of them will visit your blog and - if you've written good stuff - become regular readers, and possibly customers.
5. Use offline traffic-generation methods. Most of your traffic may come from online sources, like those mentioned above. But there's no need to forget things like the humble business card and flyer, especially if you operate in a local market. And even if you don't, this technique can still work like gangbusters. Simply advertise an offer of a free report on your business card, for instance, and ask people to visit your website to get it. There they have to provide an email address to download the report, which means more traffic, more people on your list, and more customers in the long term.


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