Sunday, May 20, 2012

Top 7 Tips On Turning Your Talent Into A Career

Top 7 Tips to turn your talents into a career
1. Believe and Promise - believe in yourself, your talent, and your ability to succeed. "Always bear in mind your own resolution to succeed. 
Promise yourself that you will do what you need to do in order to obtain your dream career. Whether it's cultivating your talent, or learning business skills, commit to doing what's necessary in order to succeed with your talents. You may find it helpful (if you are a visual person) to write out your promise to yourself and frame it where you'll see it daily. Be sure to date it so that you can look at it once you've 'made it'.

2. Identify - identify your truest desires in what would be your dream job. Do you want to make six figures? Do you want to work alone or with others? Hours? Travel? Paid time off? Make a list of what you really want in your 'dream career'. If you get stumped, make a list of everything you don't want in a dream career, and then use that list to make another list of everything you do want. Another trick is to imagine your life went perfectly, just the way you'd want it, and it's now five years later. Start at the beginning of the day when you wake up and write every detail of a 'normal day' in your 'dream life'. The final detail is when you go to bed that night. Then, look at what you've written and transfer the work related details to your dream job. That exercise is also insightful to show you what you really want in other areas of your life.
3. Researching and Brainstorming - Spend some time researching and brainstorming what you want to do-according to the list you have. Do you want to start your own business using your talents? Do you want to work for a particular company? Figure out and get clear on what path you want to take with your career.
4. Goals - using the list you've created of what's most important to your happiness in a career, and the research and brainstorming you did, write out goals. Write out your ultimate goal for your career. You may have a couple of other goals to add to it. Use a realistic deadline for when you want to achieve your goals. Post the written goals where you'll see them daily. Read them at least once a day.
5. Affirmations - Write out your goals in present tense as though they are happening now, and attach emotionally charged words to them such as, "I give thanks that I am now making $10,000 per month doing what I love to do." Say them out loud at least every morning when you wake up and every evening when you get in bed. The more often you say them, the faster results you'll get. A couple other tips for affirmations include looking yourself in the mirror and saying them while you look yourself in the eyes, and reciting them while you are alone. If you can repeat an affirmation for 15 minutes a day, you'll see pretty quick results. Make sure your affirmation is what you really want.
6. Cultivate - Spend time cultivating your talent whenever you get a chance. 15 minutes here and there go a long way. Everyone is busy these days, but if it's something you really love and it's really important to you, you'll make time for it.
7. Support - get a support system for yourself. You will need some encouragement and motivation from time to time. Joining a group or class of other talented individuals can help you gain friends in your new field. Find a mentor you can look to for encouragement, even if you don't know the person...maybe they are a celebrity. Avoid spending time with people who criticize you or put you down. You become like those you spend the most time with. Do yourself a favor and become friends with some successful people.

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