Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Top 7 Ways Your Customers Can Boost Your Profits for You

1. Ask your customers what else they want - Many businesses know what their customers think of their services (although many don't even get that bit right!), but few actually ask them what other products or services they would like to see. Ask your existing customers what they would be interested in buying - it'll save you wasting time on the wrong things, and give you an order list for your new products!

2. Get Referrals - When was the last time you asked your customers if there was anyone else they know who might be interested in your services. If you are doing a good job, people are happy to recommend you. If not, you need to know that anyway or you'll have another bigger problem looming. Don't be afraid to ask - you might be surprised how many contacts you pick up.
3. Always Upsell When was the last time you tried to sell something more to your customer base? Ask your customers what else they would like to buy from you. You don't have to ask them all the time - but if you never do, they may simply not know what else you offer.
4. Go the extra mile - Think hard about your biggest clients or customers. Can you think of something that they would say you over-delivered because of something extra you did? If not, get busy quickly. Customers need to be reminded constantly that you value them and are doing more than just giving them what they pay for. Go the extra mile - whenever or however you can.
5. Keep at the top of your customer's minds - How often do you communicate with your customers and prospects? A lot of sales is about being in the right place at the time, so you need to pop up frequently to hit that chance. It's better to over communicate than under communicate, as long as it's with some decent content. Make it relevant and good communication. Offer the latest thinking in your industry, or hints and tips about what you do, or simple ideas. Don't focus on selling, just reminding them you are there and you know your stuff.
6. Keep your central price low and make more on add on services - You can often sell more if your headline is lower, even if people pay extra for all the other bits. Apparently if you put something on e- bay for 1p and £9.99 postage you'll sell far more than if you price the item at £10 with free postage. No logic to it, but that's how people behave. Even in big business procurement teams focus on reducing core rates, not on all the other bits around the edge.
7. Enter the world of partnerships and joint ventures - Look at your customer base and think about who has a complementary business to you. How could you work together to the benefit of both parties? Do you both spend money on the same things? Do you each offer something that the other's customers might be interested in? Don't forget many of your customers will have their own business needs - can you put people together or partner with someone for a mutual gain?

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