Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Steps To Planning a Successful Corporate Party

1. Firstly, you need to decide on what the party is for. If it's for staff only, the type of event you host could be very different to one for clients.

2. Decide when you want to throw the party. Think carefully about the type of people you intend to invite and make sure the event will be at a day and time that is convenient for them to attend.
3. When deciding on the attendees, you need to draw up a list and show it to someone else. That way, they can make sure there's nobody mistakenly omitted and together you can confirm a definitive guest list.
4. As well as the date and time, you also need to think about a convenient location. If clients are coming from all four corners of the UK, you may want to choose a city in the middle. If your guests are all local to you, you may choose your local city or town.
5. Once you have your location, you need a venue. In many cases, a bar will be the ideal place to hold your party as many are set up to cater for corporate events that have social elements to them. Draw up a shortlist using an online local business directory and visit their websites using the URL's provided.
6. Check that the bars you like are able to provide the catering you need, from buffet-style dining to a sit-down meal.
7. If you have a significantly large group, you may wish to hire out a private room, which not all bars will be able to provide.
8. Once you're satisfied with your selection, make sure they have the availability you require and secure the booking with a rough estimate of guest numbers and, in some circumstances, a deposit.
9. Make sure suitable transport to and from the venue is provided, so your guests are well looked after throughout the evening.
10. Once everything is in place, send out the invites and confirm details for the evening.

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  1. Brilliant post!! Thank you for sharing these tips on planning a successful corporate party. Planning a party for all my employees at corporate events NYC and will use your tips to plan amazing one. Will also have corporate planners for the event.