Friday, June 8, 2012

7 Wealth Secrets

Clarify your life priorities.
It's difficult to set financial goals when you have no idea what's most important to you. It's like taking a trip across the country without a roadmap. You have to know where you're headed. Take time to make a list of your top five goals in life. File this list where you can locate it easily, and refer to it often.

Believe that you can be wealthy.
Most of what happens in our lives is the result of our beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world at large. Know that you shape your life according to your core belief system. Get in touch with your beliefs, and examine closely how they have created what you own, how you relate to people, what you dream, and how much money you have in various financial institutions. Ask yourself if you honestly want to duplicate this picture in the future.
Spend less money.
Start by conducting this simple assessment: list everything you spend money on in a month, and see if those items align with your life priorities. If something is out of alignment, stop spending money on it. Why? Because it doesn't serve you to continue to burn dollars in a direction that doesn't authentically represent you. If you don't really enjoy golfing, call a halt to purchasing the brand new clubs your friends just recommended.
Invest in your professional/occupational growth.
Oftentimes, to earn a bigger paycheck, we need to buy a college education, a graduate degree, a trade school certificate, and/or other forms of continuing education. We may need to purchase books, workbooks, CDs, guides, and teleclasses. What could you do to land interviews for a better paying position, impress your boss, receive a promotion, acquire more responsibility that allows you to prove your skill set? Spending even $100 on a few ideal resources can make a huge difference.
Develop and nurture positive relationships.
Do not underestimate the power of relationships in your life. Whether work-related or personal, the quality of our relationships matters. While it's possible to climb the success ladder in your career in the midst of a shattered home life, few friends, or a couple of burned bridges, understand that good relationships serve as the foundation for most job success and financial abundance. Trying to build wealth on a pile of rubble is not only difficult but pointless in the long run.
Eliminate debt and learn to save.
Accumulating debt and saving money are both habits. Think about it. One digs your hole deeper; the other provides a way to climb out. Do whatever it takes to reduce and finally eliminate debt while saving even a tiny amount on a regular basis. Make a firm commitment to do this NOW. Find an accountability partner who will gently hold your feet to the fire. As long as you're suffocating in monthly bills you can't afford, you'll never know what wealth looks and feels like.
Get healthy.
We all know that health is the backbone for a great life. Without good health it doesn't matter how much money we have. Without good health there's a significant chance you won't attract wealth. You may not be able to work. You may lose opportunities to plug into higher paying jobs. You may not sustain an upwards career track. You may end up fired. The time is now to lose extra weight, choose body-feeding foods, increase hours of sleep, schedule relaxation, and exercise three days each week.
The truth is that wealth encompasses more than money. Yes, it does include cash, money market funds, stocks, bonds, IRAs, annuities, certificates of deposit, and basic savings accounts. But it also includes our self concept, our values, our beliefs, our priorities, our health, our families, our friends, and the unique contributions we make to this world. Get clear on what you want, why you want it, how you'll get it, and how you'll make a difference with the wealth you'll have.

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