Saturday, June 2, 2012

Working From Your Own Garden Office - The Top 10 Benefits

1. Easy to build -- You can easily convert a shed or garage to a nice office space. If you have a little area within your property that is large enough and just crying out for something, you can have an office built to your specifications.

2. Healthy Environment -- Fresh air; Natural light; Free from office 'germs'; Quiet; A short walk from the house
3. Freedom -- Set your own hours; Walk the dog at lunchtime; Pull a weed or two if you need thinking time; Wear clothes that are comfortable; Communicate via webcam, internet, email, etc. from the comfort of your own space
4. Less Stress -- Your own space not shared with anyone else; No commuting on unreliable public transportation or on busy roads; Make your own schedule
5. Save on Travel Time and Emissions -- Commuting time will be about 30 seconds and you'll be saving fuel as well as wear and tear on your car.
6. Your Own Space -- Designed the way you want it
7. Security -- Your home will be more secure with you there during the day
8. Flexibility -- Need to pick your child up from school? Or perhaps you just want to spend a half hour with a family member; Work at night if you want; Make your own hours
9. Equity -- A serviced building with electricity, phone lines, etc, will add value to your property
10. Peace of Mind -- Just being in your own space with all of the other benefits will provide you with this.


  1. Very nice article. One other advantage is that a home office is a tax deduction for the space which includes a protiom of electrical, gas, telephone, property tax etc etc etc. This is a great alternative for those who want to change careers due to high stress jobs that cause people to become unhealthy and develope diseases due to the stress. Thanks for the post.

  2. Yes! I LOVE my own Garden Office!...This article JUST reminded me of WHY!!! :)


  3. I love the idea of a "garden" office. Converting a garage is not the vision I imagined, though, when I read the title. Nonetheless, the concept certainly got me thinking of all the ways to bring the garden into my office or me to the garden to work. Inspiring!
    Thanks- Nanette

  4. Great idea, but don't you need something to work on that will provide income?

  5. I like to use my garden shed as a place to relieve stress and relax, so therefore would not consider converting it to anything else. Sorry.