Friday, December 21, 2012

Five Reasons Repetition Is Key to Marketing Your Health Care Practice

Here are five reasons why your health care practice needs to subtly and routinely repeat your marketing message in your newsletter marketing program.

1. It reinforces your message in the minds of your patients and referral sources.

Your patients won't know you are dedicated to their health unless you show them. An ideal way to do that is through a newsletter marketing program (which can also be a great way to show referring health care providers that you appreciate their referrals).

Sending newsletters filled with useful and helpful information lets them know you care about them.

2. It helps your patients remember you.

Once you start repeating your message in your newsletter marketing, patients and referral sources are more likely to remember you. After all, you've been in touch with them regularly, reinforcing your message to them in your newsletters. 
The next time they need the expertise of someone in your field-or have to refer a patient-they're going to remember you and what you stand for.

3. They associate your core values with you.

Let's suppose the marketing message you've been repeating in your e-mails is about your exceptional care of patients.

The next time they need to see someone in your field, they'll remember you for your message and values and naturally choose to come to you.

After all, which patient wouldn't like to receive exceptional care?

4. They learn to trust you.

Whose advice would you trust more? The friend who e-mails you regularly, or the acquaintance with whom you only exchange Christmas cards?

When your patients or referral sources need a specialist in your field, they're going to turn to you. Why? Because they trust you. You're the friend who's been e-mailing them regularly, demonstrating your knowledge and showing them you care.

5. They establish you as an authority in your field.

Repeating your marketing message doesn't mean saying the same thing over and over again. It means saying it in as many different ways as you can.

If you've been doing your newsletter marketing right, your newsletters would be filled with helpful articles that inform and teach your audience about health issues in your field.

Just doing that will establish you as an expert.

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