Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To Get The Most Targeted Website Traffic Through Article Marketing

Most people confuse blogging and article marketing mainly because both involve writing for a specific purpose. However, article marketing differs from blogging in so many aspects. For one, blogging refers to directly posting in your own website for your potential and existing pool of readers.
Article marketing, on the contrary, is done through producing quality content for other websites that may or may not be relevant to your online business. Upon posting of your content, you would just be placing a link that would direct your readers to your own website. There are different ways through which you can achieve article marketing. Here are some of them:

1. Guest-blogging

Being a guest blogger in a website that has a fair share of traffic is a great way to do article marketing. Through posting your content and link on a page that is often visited by many Internet users, you get to reach a market that is not normally within your range of regular readers. You can post a link to your website in the articles that would be published. It would help you increase the probability of having more people visit your site and eventually purchasing your products.

2. Submitting entries to article directories

Consider being a consumer in search of a particular product. When you look it up online, search engines like Yahoo! and Google would give you results that mostly pertain to articles about that product. These articles may include those that you have marketed and posted in other websites or in directories. Having quality content in article directories is an advantage because search engines can easily find your posts. However, you need to be more careful in submitting articles to these directories to avoid other writers and search engines from syndicating and duplicating your posts.

3. Posting in sharing sites

Articles in sites that are focused in revenue-sharing are also great for marketing and directing website traffic. Your articles are included in a roster of search engine results, which would consequentially improve your site statistics. You can create numerous links to your website in the articles posted in these sites and therefore increase the possibility of people being redirected to your page. Moreover, your articles are protected in that other writers would not gain permission to duplicate or syndicate your material. This is because some of the income from the ad banners posted in the sharing sites would be given to you. Definitely, you would have to be the legitimate owner of the article.

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