Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top 10 Excuses for Leaving Work Early

1. Illness 

Being sick is the best excuse and always works for most employees. Inform your boss that you are having a terrible stomachache or headache and, need to see a doctor immediately.

2. Children 
Often people leave work early because their child is in trouble. They have met an accident and need to be taken to a hospital without delay. Besides, your baby-sitter might be leaving early today, so it is required that you reach home as soon as possible.

3. Home Emergencies 
You are at work and all of a sudden you receive a call from your neighbor stating that your water pipe has broken. The water has flooded your home and is about to enter their home. The reason sounds quite genuine and your boss will never insist you to stay at work.

4. Snow Storm 
If the weather is stormy, you can use it as a good excuse to leave work early.

5. Additional Time to Reach Airport/Important Venue 
The weather is really bad and you have to catch a flight in the evening. You need to leave early so that you can reach the airport on time. (Here, you can think of your own destination where you have to reach the following day, bearing in mind the weather is bad.)

6. Guests Are Arriving In Time 
Your maternal cousin and his wife (or any other relative) are visiting. Due to some reasons they are arriving earlier than you have expected them, and this is why you need to go home early.

7. Dentist Appointment 
You have been miserable for the past two days because of pain in your canine/molar tooth. You made an appointment with your dentist who is usually very busy. Losing this opportunity means no further appointment in the next few weeks.

8. Special Occasions 
Your best friend (or any other important person in your life) is getting married the next Saturday. They live on the outskirts of town and that's why you need to leave work at least 5 hours early.

9. Special delivery 
You have booked new furniture and it has to be shipped today. The company is about to 'deliver' your order in the next few hours, for which your presence is mandatory.

10. Death 
One of your relatives has died and you have to be at their funeral. It will prevent your from further wrangle and you can get a day off easily.

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