Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why Communication Skills Are So Important In Business

Communications skills encompass not only your interaction with customers, but also with your fellow co-workers and employees. Effective management also comes about as a result of effective communication, so to use your skills to their best advantage you need to ask yourself a few questions about how you communicate with those around you.

What's YOUR Personal Communication Style?

Are you forthright and unafraid to voice your opinion, or are you more empathic, picking up on the unspoken communication 'tells' of others and responding accordingly? To find out how effectively you're getting the message across, you need to discover what type of communicator you are, and whether your method is helping or hindering you.

What Are The Building Blocks Of Powerful Communication?

How do you garner the right response from the person you're talking to? Are you laying a solid foundation from which to build a good, long-term business relationship, or are you jeopardising that future by using the wrong shaped communication blocks?

Are You A Listener Or A Talker?

Good communications in business, whether you're talking to a client or an employee, is a two-way street. Dominating the conversation may seem to get the results you want in the short term, but be too forceful and again you could be jeopardising your longer term relationship and, consequently, the success of your relationship.

What Do You Want To Achieve?

To ensure your business communications are effective and not just 'wasted words', having a clear goal in mind is essential. Without that, you can say plenty... but mean nothing.

Are You Making Mistakes Along The Way?

We all believe that we're capable communicators, but a simple phrase incorrectly delivered can make all the difference to a successful outcome. Do you know how to recognise your communication mistakes? And what are the common pitfalls in the communication process that can scupper a successful business deal or sour relationships between management and staff?

When you step back and look at how important the art of good communication in business really is, you can understand why so many people fail! If you think you could benefit from a little verbal 'polishing' to ensure you get your message across then don't be afraid to consider brushing up your skills with dedicated communication skills training.

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