Monday, November 4, 2013

Top Realities intended for Handling Journalists.

If you have got ne'er actively been involved the media, then there'll be myths and truths that might confuse you; and do injury to the image and name of you and your business.

Truth No. 1: there's no secret relationship between the media and promotion agents. you'll be your own media relations agent if you follow a number of easy rules.

Truth No. 2: Journalists ar when the story. If it bleeds, it leads. ne'er assume the media can perpetually be your friend.

Truth No. 3: once you give the media with a media unleash or verbal info you're 'inviting' them to scrutinize the content. That means, they'll ring your competitors and raise them queries, elicit a comment, or get their purpose of read regarding your info.

Truth No. 4: If your media unleash is picked up, do not expect it to be regurgitated precisely as you have got written it. Journalists can write their own story supported your info and their own analysis and interviews.

Truth No. 5: Once a media unleash leaves your hands and you 'give' it to media shops or post it on a newswire, it becomes material possession.

Truth No. 6: you'll build relationships with the media in your own community and even additional a field which is able to have 2 key edges - one. they're going to answer your calls; and a pair of. you may apprehend precisely what varieties of stories interest them.

Truth No. 7: you wish to be thinking all the time regarding stories that interest the media, NOT merely what you would like to administer them. News is NEWS not recycled advertising.

Truth No. 8: Developing relationships with members of the media involves providing them with honest, reliable, interesting info NOT shopping for them meals and drinks. you need to perceive THEIR media. If it's print, scan IT; if it's tv or the net, WATCH IT; and if it's radio or net streaming, hear IT.

Truth No. 9: watch out for gifting away your belongings in pursuit of a news article. Be aware of the knowledge you're 'giving away'.

Truth No. 10: it's impossible to assert copyright on a media unleash or the ensuing media exposure as you're volition-ally providing info so as to urge free coverage.

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